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2021 Calendar for Virtual monthly Training Classes

  • April 24th
  • June 12th
  • July 17th
  • August 14th
  • September 11th
  • October 9th
  • November 6th
  • December 4th

Exceptional Adjuster Training

The author Mike Popejoy of Mile High Adjusters” wrote all 5 Adjuster home study training manuals. Mike has inspected and closed over 6,000 claims and trained over 5,000 adjusters.

Begin Your Career With NATO

Online courses are a great way to learn at your pace and your place. Today, you can start your journey into one of the best careers on earth. When you train with NATO, you get real hands-on experience from our team of expert Adjusters with over 15 years writing claims for carriers nationwide, handling daily and catastrophic events.

Nationwide Adjusters Training Online (NATO)

What Makes NATO Your Best Choice for Training

What makes NATO the top training online academy are the 4 Free workbooks that tell you what to do on your first claim. They take out all the guesswork. The author of our six home study manuals has closed over 6,000 claims. These Adjuster training manuals will help guide you through the process of claim writing as part of our home study course.

Nationwide Adjusters Training Online (NATO)

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  • 6-Awesome Adjuster Training Manuals
  • NATO Combo Purchase for only $349 – includes the Free Texas All Lines License
Nationwide Adjusters Training Online (NATO)

Independent Insurance Claims Adjusting

The difference in kickstarting your new career in Insurance Claims adjusting depends on where you get your training. NATO guarantees 5 Star courses.

Nationwide Adjusters Training Online (NATO)

NATO Combo Package for only $399 and the Texas All Lines test is free

  • The National Adjuster License “Texas All Lines” is reciprocal in 45 states”
  • “Scoping 101” Fundamentals of Scoping and Inspecting
  • “Xactimate Proficiency Training Manual”
  • The World Famous Catastrophic Adjusters Manual
  • Over 5,000 sold worldwide