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The Texas All Lines License is the most revered license in the industry. The reason is because it is reciprocal in 45 states so you can work catastrophic events in almost every state. It is also called an All Lines License meaning you can adjust all lines of insurance; Property, Casualty, Workers Compensation, Liability, Commercial, or in other words, every type of insurance policy written. Does your state require an Independent Adjuster license?

You can work in 45 states using the Texas All Lines License during catastrophic events. If your home state has a “no Independent Adjuster License requirement” you can use this license for your entire career locally or for catastrophic events nationwide. Most storm chasers use this license.

If your state requires a license, you will need to take the state test in your home state after taking this course. Most people take this course first as a study tool and then order the home state Pre-license guide from your local state Department of Insurance online.

Pre-License 40 Hour Home Study Course!

This course will prepare you to take the Texas All Lines Adjuster test after finishing your home study.

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Nationwide Adjusters Training Online (NATO)

Now you can take the Home Study Texas All Lines Adjuster License when you, want where you want! Adjuster Training at its best with all the tools you need to understand the claim writing processes. You will take the Texas All Lines Adjuster License test when your study is finished. This will improve your adjuster skills, policy knowledge, and get you the Texas All Lines License after you pass the test.

This Home Study Course will put you in the driver’s seat ahead of all other new Adjusters entering this business. After reading the entire training module you will have the tools to help you get your first job. Make sure to read all manuals you receive from NATO. This will be your edge to getting work when you finish your home study course online.

License Only $179.00 or Combo Package $349.00

The Scoping 101 Training Manual is written to help you understand how to work a claim or loss and complete the inspection. It covers how to inspect in the proper order. The 1st call phone script is included along with how to calculate and measure surfaces such as a trapezoid, triangle, and the parallelogram so you will know how to properly measure the loss.

The manuals cover adjuster roles and responsibilities, claim review, customer service, and assessing damage. You will learn on-site storm set-up, mobile set-up, tools, safety, and the fee schedule and how you get paid. The book covers how to get ready for the storm and be ready to Deploy. Training Manual- 50 Pages

License Only $99.00 or Combo Package $349.00

The purpose of this course is to enable a newer adjuster to be able to open a claim and close a claim from beginning to end. “Cradle to Grave” as it is referred to in the industry.

This Xactimate course is intended to teach familiarity with the Xactimate estimating software. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the fundamentals necessary to create estimates and use many of the functions available on the software program.

The course provides all the skills needed to successfully use Xactimate software. This course will prepare you to write claim estimates without assistance from others. 

Our course only includes educating students about the software so that they may gain sufficient proficiency to utilize the software program on their own.     

This course is intended to teach familiarity with the Xactimate estimating software. You will learn the fundamentals necessary to create estimates. This course is designed so students can write a claim estimate without assistance from others. This NATO course does not Xactimate-certify Individuals. Many people have taken the Level 1 exam after taking this course. You will learn how to set up a claim and how to set the software preferences to use all the tools in the tool bar so you can complete your first real claim. Training Manual- 77 Pages

License Only $199.00 or Combo Package $349.00

These are the topics we will be covering in this manual: Adjuster Roles and Responsibilities Initial Claim Review and Notice of Loss (NOL) Customer Service and On-site Public Relations Assessing Damages Appendix―Glossary and Structural Diagrams Getting Employment as an Independent Adjuster On-site Storm Set-up: Lodging, Mobile Set-up, Tools, and Safety

Introduction to Methods of Scoping It is important to understand and document the damages caused by a covered peril. As you know from the insurance policy class you just completed, certain damages are covered, and some are not covered in each policy. You must read and interpret each policy correctly. It is very important for you to have a complete understanding of the policy in the state you are working in. Most insurance companies customize their policies.

During this scoping class we will be looking at sample situations for both residential and commercial policies. Our goal is to show you how to accomplish the first half of your job as a Claims Adjuster; how to walk onto the property and properly access the damages in a timely fashion.

The second half of claims handling is writing the estimate and is covered in our Fundamentals of Xactimate course.

Proper scoping of a property and evaluation of damages is essential to handling claims. An Adjuster’s goal is to close their claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. This manual and study guide will orientate you with the many facets of this job from the inspection side. Although many claims handling procedures are simple and may even appear to be common sense, there are many procedures that need to be done in the right order to get the job done right. The proper combination and system of procedures will increase your success rate and profits. Learn the proper habits and methods from the start and you will develop a state-of-the-art claim handling system that your customers will appreciate.

As an Independent Adjuster you will be the one in charge of your success in this exciting industry. To make this happen, you need to service the financial and emotional needs of others - the insurance company, the insured, and the adjusting firm you work for.

This course and the materials contained in this manual will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be successful in this exciting industry. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with residential construction, building materials, building terms, and definitions and verbiage used in the industry. You will gain an understanding of how a house is built, how roofs are built, and recognizing storm damage and damage caused by fraudulent activity. We go through methods of measuring, calculating amounts of materials, and examples for you to understand and help scope a loss properly and efficiently.

You will be taught claims handling techniques, how to deal with people, and how important customer service is in the industry. The knowledge you will gain from this course will provide you with the ability to not only succeed as an insurance claims adjuster, but to do so with confidence and do it in a timely and efficient manner to maximize your production.

License Only $199.00 or Combo Package $349.00

Inside adjusting also called File Review

The inside Adjuster/File Examiner course is designed to teach an adjuster that is familiar with field adjusting procedures and with the use of Xactimate 28 estimating software. This course will introduce adjusters to techniques used by File Reviewers, File Examiners, and inside Adjusters. The information will include policy application, file documentation, estimate analysis, fraud detection, and file review. Students will also learn to recognize procedural errors, scoping issues, and misapplication of estimating software in property estimates written by others.

License Only $179.00 or Combo Package $349.00

Basic Auto Adjuster and Estimatics course.

During the next several days, you will learn basic auto insurance policies and terminology. There will be a brief overview on Adjuster practices and responsibilities as well as the role of a catastrophe Adjuster. You will learn vehicle construction, structure, and components, then learn about vehicle estimatics overview, methods, and procedures of how to evaluate vehicle damage and prepare an estimate for repairs. You will be introduced to WEB-EST PRO Estimator estimating software.

License Only $119.00 or Combo Package $349.00