Combo Package


All 4 of the World Famous Mile High Adjusters “How to” Training manuals below are included:

The Texas All Lines Training manual has 189 pages of info so you can study and pass the test. The Scoping 101 training manual has 50 pages on how to inspect a loss. The Xactimate Proficiency Manual has 77 pages that will enable you to complete a claim. The World Famous Catastrophic Adjusters Manual has 209 pages of everything a new adjuster needs to know about Claims Adjusting. All for just $399.00 Also included Mike Popejoy is your personal Mentor until you have received your 1st assignment and beyond!.


Combo course includes everything you need to be an Awesome Adjuster!

All 4 books and the test retail for $894 but you can get the Combo Package for $399

This Home Study Course will put you in the driver’s seat ahead of all other new Adjusters entering this business. After reading the entire training module you will have the tools to help you get your first job. Make sure to read all manuals you receive from NATO. This will be your edge to getting work when you finish your home study course.

The Texas All-Lines Insurance Claims Adjuster License is the nation’s most sought after insurance adjusting license due to its reciprocity in 45 states. With this license, you will be eligible to adjust residential and commercial property, automobile, CAT and many other types of claims. This is the license of choice for insurance adjusters — particularly those interested in catastrophic adjusting, staffing, and daily ctaims.

‘Texas All Lines Pre-license —* reciprocal in 45 states”.
‘This manual has all the information needed to pass the claims adjusting license test.

Training Manual — 189 pages


‘Scoping 101

NATO offers our home study course that includes “reablife situations”. This course was created for the aspiring adjuster who may be unfamiliar with the elements
of residential construction and the proper protocol for an inspection or “scope”. Our course will teach you how to scope a house from beginning to end in 45
minutes with confidence. More importantly, we spell out the many other facets of proper field inspections in an easy-to-understand manner. Measuring the
damages is only a fraction of what you need to know to be a proficient adjuster.

This course will help you if you are a novice or a seasoned contractor or adjuster. Just a one-time saving tip will save you thousands of dollars in time and

‘Scoping 101 Fundamentals of Scoping a loss.
Basic skill sets needed to inspect a loss.
Training Manual — 50 pages

Xactimate Proficiency Training Manual
This course is an introduction to the most widely utilized Xactimate property estimating software used in the field by claims adjusters and insurers… After this
course, you will know how to increase your data entry proficiency in claims writing for yourself, as well as other adjusters, so you will have the ability to enjoy a
‘second cash flow center with your new business.

How to set up and complete a claim “Level 1 preparation”
‘Sketch and search line items
Training Manual — 77 pages

The World Famous Catastrophic Adjusters Manual
The NATO Training is now offering an Adjuster Home Study Boot Camp course. This course is designed for the inexperienced, or less experienced, adjuster that
wishes to understand the real-time pressure of meeting the insured, scoping the damaged area and producing the claim before taking on field work.

When you finish the Boot Camp Home Study course, you will have gained the knowledge to improve your time and process management techniques, increase your proficiency in analyzing damages, and have the ability to produce a quality claim report in a timely and efficient manner. There will be a general policy and insurance law review with an emphasis on residential construction terms and definitions that are commonly used in the industry.

This course is designed for the adjuster who is licensed and would like to lea advanced scoping and organizational techniques to increase proficiency in their overall claim output. Basic Xactimate skills are highly recommended.

The “How to Guide for Catastrophic Adjusting”
The Practical Approach to Catastrophe
Property Loss Adjusting Voted Best Catastrophic Manual
Training Manual — 209 pages


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