Catastrophic Adjusters Handbook


This is everything you need to know about working claims and working Cat events and how to stay organized. This manual has 209 pages.


The “How to Guide for Catastrophic Adjusting”
The Practical Approach to Catastrophe
Property Loss Adjusting Voted Best Catastrophic Manual
Training Manual- 209 pages


Catastrophic Adjusters Handbook – This course and the materials contained in this manual will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be successful in this exciting industry. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with residential construction, building materials, building terms, and definitions and verbiage used in the industry. You will gain an understanding of how a house is built, how roofs are built, and recognizing storm damage and damage caused by fraudulent activity. We go through methods of measuring, calculating amounts of materials, and examples for you to understand and help scope a loss properly and efficiently.

You will be taught claims handling techniques, how to deal with people, and how important customer service is in the industry.  The knowledge you will gain from this course will provide you with the ability to not only succeed as an insurance claims adjuster, but to do so with confidence and do it in a timely and efficient manner to maximize your production.

Everything an Adjuster needs to know to work your first cat storm.


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